Saturday 15 July 2023


There are fears of vote split in Masvingo City Council’s ward 1 in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party as one member Edmond Maruta who was disqualified went on to stand as independent after the party chose Sabina Chikwangwani to represent the party.

Sources within the party said they tried engaging him to withdraw as was the case in ward 2 but Maruta refused and basing on the support he had, he could pool a sizeable number of voters at the expense of CCC.

“The provincial leadership tried all tricks in the book but they failed to convince him to step down and considering the support he had during campaigns, he could take a sizeable number of people and remember the seat once went to Zanu PF so it’s not surprising if it wins again,” said the source.

Speaking to TellZim News, Maruta said he was not going to back down saying he was confident of victory as he was working on the ground.

“I am a man of my word, so I don’t back down on my decision to stand as independent, we are working on the ground and we are telling our people that they should vote for a person not party. They need to vote for someone who is capable and people in ward 1 know who is better among us candidates,” said Maruta

On the nomination Maruta told TellZim News that he was disgruntled about the whole selection process saying he doesn’t know how on earth he lost to Chikwangwani since he had all what it takes to represent the party but the party went on to pick a ‘back bencher’.

“I have filed nomination papers as independent because I felt that I was the one who deserved to represent the party considering how I worked.”

“I was on the forefront of making sure that people, mainly the youths register to vote, I was shocked to find out that, a back bencher, someone who did not work or contributed anything for the party was selected, this is the reason why I decided to go independent and I am confident of winning because I have a lot of support from people I worked with,” said Maruta.

He however, said he is urging his supporters to vote for him as councilor then vote for Nelson Chamisa for president.

“To all ward 1 people especially members of CCC, vote for me as your councilor so that I fulfil what I promised to you. I also urge you to stand by president Nelson Chamisa.

There has been a candidate chaotic selection process by CCC which resulted in a number of disgruntled members contesting as independent candidates in Masvingo.

In ward 2, Rocky Kamuzonda had filed as an independent but later on withdrew after the party intervention.

In the same ward, Frank Chirairo also filed as CCC together with Shantiel Chiwara making a double candidate in the same ward.

Chirairo who was alleged to have forged signatures later on withdrew quitting active politics and has also renounced his CCC membership.

Other CCC members who contested as independent include Masvingo Mayor Collen Maboke who is contesting for Masvingo Urban parliamentary seat as well as Chiredzi Town Council Chairperson Gibson Hwende who is contesting for Chiredzi Central Constituency. TellZimNews


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