Tuesday 18 July 2023


THE victims of the E-Creator Ponzi scheme, which duped investors of over US$1 million, have been telling their stories to H-Metro.

A man, who chose not to reveal his name even though he didn’t mind a video recording of the interview, has called for the government’s intervention after losing US$10 000 in the E-Creator Ponzi scheme.

The 29-year-old told H-Metro, that the government must compel E-Creator founder Zhao Jiaotong and directors Trymore Tapfumaneyi and Justin Kuchekenya to pay back his money.

“I joined E-Creator on May 25 and, together with my brother, we invested US$10 000 and now we have been scammed.

“The withdrawal system started failing at the beginning of this month.

“The directors promised us that it would resume as they had managed to secure a merchant code for withdrawals.

“They promised that they would be back online on July 8, but the portal was then deleted.

“We call on the government to intervene and compel these criminals to give us our money.

“The police have been helpful in this case,” he said.

He added that he was told about the scheme by his brother’s friend who gave him the link and he went on to invite his friends and relatives as he was hoping that the money would multiply.


He lost all his savings which were wiped out when E-Creator went disastrously wrong for him early this month.

Mariwo told H-Metro that he invested US$700 that he had after hearing about the Ponzi scheme by its agents at Joina City.

“I joined the scheme after its agents at Joina City sold the idea to me. I was convinced and invested all my savings which amounted to US$700 and in less than two weeks, the scheme collapsed.

“That was all the money I had; those were my life’s savings which I decided to invest to get better returns and improve my life.

“I’m hurting very much, I’m back to zero and I’m down financially. These people really hurt me and all I’m here for is to get my money back,” he said. H Metro



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