Monday 10 July 2023


A Marlborough housemaid was killed in a suspected robbery in the suburb last week.

This is the second such case to be recorded in the neighbourhood.

The maid was stabbed in the chest by a man who jumped into a kombi which he was using as a getaway car.

The incident took place at the corner of Churchill Road and Winston Road.

The maid was taken to Marlborough Clinic where she died from the stab wounds.

Marlborough police confirmed the incident.

In audio recordings shared on Marlborough residents’ WhatsApp groups, residents pleaded with the neighbourhood watch security to help them render assistance to the woman soon after she had been stabbed.

One of the neighbourhood watch officers advised the residents to rush her to Marlborough Clinic.

In response, a resident then informs the neighbourhood watch security that they had managed to get help from the police and had taken the woman to Marlborough Clinic where she passed away.

Residents said the woman had worked for 15 years at a house at the corner of Gwenhure Road and Mopani Road.

Marlborough residents have been urged to exercise extreme caution and walk in groups during the day and in the evenings because Tuesday’s incident was the second following another stabbing reported in the suburb recently.

The first victim is also said to have been stabbed around the same area. H Metro


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