Saturday 8 July 2023


MRS Zodwa Dabengwa, nee Khumalo, widow of the late national hero Dumiso Dabengwa, has been described as a courageous, kind and selfless woman, who steadfastly stood behind her husband as he fought for the country’s independence.

Mrs Dabengwa, who passed away in the United Kingdom last month aged 76, was laid to rest at Manxeleni in Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland North Province, yesterday afternoon.

Delivering her eulogy at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre, Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister for Bulawayo Judith Ncube said: “The late Mrs Zodwa Dabengwa has been described as a kind, courageous and fearless woman who stood steadfastly behind her husband through thick and thin, supporting him emotionally and materially as he toiled to free his country from the brutal grip of colonial rule.

“Mrs Dabengwa was a woman who dedicated her life to serving her community and country at large as a State-registered nurse.”

Mrs Dabengwa, she said, was a fearless fighter who had a never-say-die attitude.

She encouraged Zimbabweans to follow in Mrs Dabengwa’s footsteps.

“As we look forward to our harmonised elections next month, our President has encouraged us to be peaceful.

“He has stated that we must acknowledge that elections come and go, so violence will not yield any positive results.

“Moreover, comrades and friends, as we aspire to build an upper middle-income country by 2030, there is a need for all of us to play our part in rebuilding our economy towards the attainment of Vision 2030, as clearly articulated by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“I call upon everyone present here, who has a stake in development, to work hard to build and develop our province and country at large.”

Speaking at the funeral service, Reverend Paul Bayethe Damasane, the Deputy Chief Secretary for the Social Services Sector in the Office of the President and Cabinet, said President Mnangagwa had made sure that all the Dabengwa family’s needs were catered for.

“President Mnangagwa said she was one of us and that we were together in the darkest of times, so we needed to help,” he said.

“He said that I should see to it that the family is helped right until the end.”

Dabengwa family spokesperson Mr Sijabuliso Dabengwa thanked President Mnangagwa for the help rendered to the family.

“When we heard that Mrs Dabengwa had passed on, we realised that we had a big job ahead of us,” he said.

“So, I called Minister Ncube because we needed the Government to assist us.

“She gave me the cell phone number for Rev Damasane, who said he would come over to talk about what was needed.

“Rev Damasane said the President needed the quotations for the services that were required and we provided that.

“They also asked for the contact numbers of one of the children in the UK so that our ambassador could get in touch and assist with the process of repatriating the body. We are, therefore, grateful for the helping hand extended by the President.”

Born on November 6, 1947, Mrs Dabengwa was the daughter of Loncanda Samson Khumalo and Janet Ndiweni of Plumtree.

She is survived by five children. Sunday News


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