Saturday 1 July 2023


ZANU PF has dismissed claims by the opposition CCC that the ruling party is abusing state resources, describing them as “depressingly barren”.

The opposition has alleged that there had been lack of transparency in the use of recently purchased helicopters, saying they were being diverted to transport bigwigs at rallies, an allegation Zanu PF vehemently dismissed.

Zanu PF National Spokesperson Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday told The Herald that instead of finger pointing, the CCC should self-introspect following its dismal failure to effect regime change at the behest of the West, despite having received millions of donor funds.

“H.E. Dr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is the incumbent as the current Executive President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“He is constitutionally entitled to enjoy the privileges of the highest office; those helicopters included.

“Chamisa and CCC should simply await their day in office, if ever. The USA, the UK and EU governments have channelled billions to MDC-CCC for the last two decades. All this in pursuit of hopeless and futile regime change,” he said.

Amb Mutsvangwa said the opposition was in a sorry state, and was failing to deliver basic services to people under its purview.

Government has since moved in to ensure residents in urban areas have access to basic service delivery, after the CCC run councils evidently failed. “In the meantime, the misplaced CCC urban electoral clutch-hold has ever done nothing save to administer decayed cities and towns. The CCC leadership goons are copiously long on accusations yet depressingly barren on accountability for the non-opaque donor funds that have been ploughed only to sow and sustain sanctions and their misery upon the people of Zimbabwe. Had the donor funds been deployed to better use, there would be prosperous industries teaming with urban youth employment, no stinking uncollected rubbish in suburbs, no streets rutted with damaging potholes, no obnoxious sewage overflows, no menaces of cholera, dysentry and other water-borne diseases, no unsightly buildings with walls of peeling paint,” Amb Mutsvangwa said.

The opposition’s accusations, he said, did not hold any water.

“What they were citing as lack of transparency was a baseless claim with precedence already set in many countries. As the Bible says, remove the log in one’s eye before pointing at the speck elsewhere.

“For clarity, it’s common cause that the incumbent American President conducts his re-election campaign in the comfort of his Boeing Airforce One jumbo jet,” said Amb Mutsvangwa. Herald


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