Thursday 29 June 2023


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring councillor, David Coltart has admitted that the opposition has failed to run urban councils since its inception in 1999.

Speaking after filing his papers for Bulawayo Ward 4, Coltart said if elected he will tackle corruption and improve service delivery.

“If there is any justifiable criticism of the MDC in the last 23 years, we won the urban councils but we were not effective enough.

“That is important to address so I hope that we will address that.

“We will address that and transform not just Bulawayo but cities across the nation.

Coltart said with the support of the people they could transform Bulawayo.

“I don’t want to run ahead of myself but if we are elected and if we have the support of the people, the critical thing to do is to tackle corruption and then to work with all our citizens in Bulawayo.

“The residents and businesses to work together to transform our city,” he said.

The opposition, in its variety of forms, has essentially controlled most urban cities and towns since 1999.

However, that assumption of control has been characterised by poor service delivery.

Most urban areas are struggling for clean tap water and poor collection of garbage.

Usually, the opposition accuses the ZANU-PF-controlled central government of sabotaging it. Openparly,zw


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