Friday 2 June 2023


A Chigodora elderly woman who was bedridden and wheelchair bound for a year has died before her ex-lover could reverse the sex lock spell (runyoka) he allegedly cast on her for ending their affair.

Last week on Saturday, Gogo Maundu appeared before Headman Chigodora’s court pleading for the traditional court’s assistance in reversing the curse.

She accused Edmund Maziwei of ‘fixing’ her through runyoka when she terminated their relationship.

Headman Chigodora confirmed Gogo Maundu’s death.

He also said Maziwei vehemently denied casting a spell on Gogo Maundu when they appeared before his court.

“Gogo Maundu passed away last week on Saturday night after she had appeared before my court on Saturday afternoon. She was suffering from runyoka but Maziwei denied being behind it.

They . In fact, Maziwei vehemently denied ever being in a relationship with Gogo Maundu. For that reason, he said he was not in a position to perform any ritual to set Gogo Maundu free from the spell.

“I had to force Maziwei him to conduct the ritual but unfortunately Gogo Maundu passed on before it could be done,” said Headman Chigodora.

During her court appearance, Gogo Maundu insisted that Maziwei had the remedy to her ailment.

She said she dated the married Maziwei for a year and later decided to end their relationship.

“I dated him for a year from 2021 to 2022. He would come and see me at my house since he is married. I later realised that our relationship was not working and terminated it.

“He didn’t want to let go and threatened me with unknown consequences. I started felling unwell but I never thought he could be behind the ailment.

“I went from one hospital to the other trying to find cure for my ailment, all in vain. My children took me for X-rays, all to no avail. The doctors could not establish what was wrong with me,” she said.

Gogo Maundu then consulted traditional healers and was told that Maziwei was behind her ailment.

She was told that only her ex-lover could heal her by immersing his belt in water and giving her that water to drink it.

“I visited three spiritual healers and three prophets. They said Maziwei put runyoka on me. This is why I cannot walk now and I am struggling with my health.

“I want to be healed and I am prepared to appease him because my health is deteriorating with each passing day,” said Gogo Maundu.

She also said she even sent her grandchildren as emissaries to Maziwei, but they came back empty-handed.

“I have sent my grandchildren thrice to engage Maziwei, but he is not budging. He does not want to help me. He is enjoying my suffering.

“I know it was wrong to date a married man, but the punishment is unbearable,” she said. Manica Post



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