Wednesday 28 June 2023


FORMER ZB chief executive, Ronald Mutandagayi, has requested the Harare Civil Court to order the eviction of seven families which have occupied his house without his consent.

The 12-roomed house is also the matrimonial home of Mutandagayi and his estranged wife, Loveness Mahachi, who has a drug addiction.

Mutandagayi has accused the tenants of damaging the property and failing to pay rent and other bills.

“There are trespassers residing at my property without my permission and they damage my property.

“I want them evicted because my house is not for rentals,” said Mutandagayi.

He said Loveness’ drug problem forced him to move out and stay at a relative’s house.

Mutandagayi said he sent several WhatsApp messages to Loveness telling her to evict them, but he was ignored.

The tenants’ lawyer argued that since Loveness is a co-owner of the property, Mutandagayi had no right to evict them because she had given them accommodation.

“You and Loveness have equal shares in the property and what’s wrong if she puts tenants without your consent?” asked the lawyer.

Mutandagayi said the tenants were taking advantage of Loveness’ drug addiction and not paying rent and other bills.

“I am the owner of the house and I don’t know how much each tenant paid.

“I don’t want their money, but just want them to be evicted,” said Mutandagayi.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira is expected to make a ruling on July 19. H Metro 


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