Sunday 11 June 2023


Five suspects, including a woman, have been arrested in Harare on allegations of breaking into several houses in and around the Budiriro area.

The five areLoveness Marashera (18),    Julias Mubaiwanemihwa (39) of 4617 Budiriro 3, Mcmell Zunhidza (28) of 4535 Budiriro 3, William Takawira (24) of 4616 Budiriro 3, and Leonard Ndlovu (28) of 2629 Glen View 8.

Harare provincial spokesperson Inspector Luckmore Chakanza confirmed their arrest.

“On June 8, 2023, at around 7pm police received information that there was a gang of four men moving in a black Honda Fit registration number AEO 2948.

“It was disclosed that the gang was dangerous as it had plenty of knives ranging from an okapi to bayonet. The gang committed offences such as armed robberies and unlawful entry in aggravating circumstances,” Insp Chakanza said.

It was further said that the gang leader stays in Vee Housing Cooperative in  Budiriro 3, Harare, and directions to the house were given.”

Police officers carried out a raid on June 9 at around 4am, and at around 5am, two suspects male were seen entering the premise and were arrested.

Police searched a room belonging to Loveness Mareshera, who is a girlfriend to suspected dangerous gang leader William Takawira and discovered various goods suspected to have been stolen.

They included 8 x 2litres cooking oil, 2 x 750mls cooking oil, 5 x 2kgs Maq washing powder, 5 x 2kgs Mr Rice, 1 x 500grams Cremora, 2 x2kgs Gloria flour, 11 x packs of 100 units dandy bubble gums, 5 x packs of 100 units mint sweets, 1 x 5kgs Everbrite mealie meal, 1 x 3kgs macaroni, 20 bandages, 3 x packs Cestel tissues, 2 x 750grams Rabroy tomato sauce, 1 x 750mls Mayonese, 5 x 250mls Restore plus, 2 x 500grams Sun jam, 2 x Shear butter lotion, 45 x 100mls spirits, 6 Brazilian wool, 9 x 100mls Betadine, 18 x 150mls Freeze gel ,7 Sona soap, 1 Jade soap, 1 Lux soap, 1 Protex soap, 3 x 400grams Spaghetti, 3 x 500grams Scala lotion, 1 Vestline lotion, 1 Ingrams lotion, 12 packs beads, 2 Silent love lotion, 6 Cartons of matches, 23 Energy saver bulbs, 1 blue Raincoat, 1 pack of Farai pads, 1 Calculator, 1 x 1kg salt, 2 x 500grams Sun jam, 7 x Inecto tinty, 10 Combs, 5 Headbands, 1 Colgate, 1 Family care baby powder, 35 Packs of nails, 6 Shaving sticks, 12 x 50grams Matemba, 1 Benylin for flu, 2 Wools, 1 box of paineeze, 2 x 500grams Boom paste, 9 Lighters, 2 x 100mls vanishing creams, 4 Hair removers, 4 Face powders, 2 x 500mls Clere glecerine, 1 Green light, 42 Injections, 1 Flood light, 4 Kiwi shoe polish, 1 Four way black adaptor, 1 x 100mls Chilli source, 1 Red round Mirror, 18 Cigarette rizlars, 2 packs Sewing needles, 12 Threads, 1 blue Gel, 12 packs of Control pills, 2 Nail polish, 10 x 100grams Megasnacks, 16 x 200mls bootlegs, 34 x 200mls Cane spirit GIN, 30 Bricks of cigarettes, 4 Candles , 1 Glass shop display ,a red Generator, a silver Samsung Upright refrigerator, 42 inch Keson Television, 2 x Central Processing Unit, DEL till computer and groceries. However, she mentioned that some of the property comprising of Red Canvax generator 5KV, a silver Samsung Upright refrigerator, 42 inch Keson Television, 2 x Central Processing Unit and DELL till computer belonged to her boyfriend William Takawira and Leonard Ndlovu.

Loveness was then arrested for being found in possession of goods suspected to have been stolen or alternatively unlawful entry into premises in aggravating circumstances.

She was then escorted to ZRP Budiriro, where she began assisting police with investigations.

While at the police station and at around 3pm police officers received another report of unlawful entry into premises.

The circumstances were that the complainant, Kennymore Sibanda (45), who is the Director, Pharmacist, and owner of Las Vegas Pharmacy situated at Budiriro 1 Shopping Centre reported that he had lost various pharmaceuticals.

He reported that he left the premises on June 5, 2023, at around 10pm and had closed all windows and doors locked.

Then, on June 7, 2023, at around 7am, the complainant received a phone call from one of his employees to the effect that his pharmacy entrance door was widely open.

He went to the premises and discovered that, 1 x Red Canvax generator 5KV, 2 computer sets, 42 Inch Keson Television, Variety of pharmaceuticals, silver Samsung Upright refrigerator, 1 medicine scale, 1 CCTV hard drive were stolen and a total value stolen estimated at US$4 500.

However, the complainant positively identified some of his stolen property from the recovered exhibits and these were:1 pack of pain eeze, 1 medicine scale, 1 CCTV hard drive, 20 bandages, 1 four-way red and black adaptor, 42 Injections, 45 Spirits, 9 Betadine and 12 Packs of control pills, all estimated at US$800.

Police then launched a manhunt for William Takawira and Leonard Ndlovu.

“At the same time, Kudakwashe Muranda proceeded to ZRP Glen Norah, where he filed his report of using motor vehicle without owner’s consent against William Takawira. At around 1800 hours, information was received from a reliable informer to the effect that he had seen William and Leonard at a certain garage at Kembo Shopping Centre in Dzivarasekwa Extension, Harare.

“It was said that the motor vehicle was being fixed its sump. Police then proceeded to Dzivarasekwa Extension, and while along the way, they received information that William and Leonard had left the motor vehicle at the garage heading to Harare CBD on foot. However, as they were near 2 Presidential Guard , they were spotted by the police,” Insp Chakanza said.

Sensing danger, the two suspects fled on foot, and they were chased into a nearby bushy area where they disappeared.

Police then went to Kembo Shopping Centre and managed to recover the stolen motor vehicle which was parked at the garage near the shopping centre.

Also recovered was the stolen silver Samsung upright refrigerator which had been sold by the two suspects to one Menias Moyo of Dzivarasekwa for US$50 and various pharmaceuticals from Raymond Kapita of Nehanda Housing Cooperative in Dzivarasekwa Extension which he bought for US$60.

While police officers were driving along High Glen Road, they came across the two suspects at Corner High Glen Road and Kuwadzana 2 turn off as they were waiting for transport to Budiriro 3.

Police stopped their vehicle and offered them a lift and as soon as they got inside, they were arrested.

The two William Takawira and Leonard Ndlovu assisted police in recovering more stolen property stolen from Las Vegas Pharmacy. They admitted that they stole the property by means of unlawful entry using a metal bar to force open the screen door of the pharmacy.

They implicated three of their accomplices, Mcmell Zunidza, Julias Mubaiwanemihwa, and one only known as Rovambira from Dzivarasekwa Extension.

However, follow-ups made led to the arrests of Mcmell and Julias at their respective homes on June 10, 2023, at around midnight. More recoveries were done from the duo’s residence. Mcmell was in possession of Las Vegas Pharmacy 2 x Central Processing Unit and a black DELL till computer, while Julias had Las Vegas Pharmacy 42 Inch Keson Television and two curtains. Recovered from Leonard Ndlovu were some cosmetics, braids, and a grocery containing basic commodities worth approximately US$200.

Investigations also revealed that the suspects also stole grocery from a tuckshop situated at  corner Willowvale Road and 12th Avenue, Glen View 3, Harare.

The total value stolen was US$400.

Furthermore, the quartet was said to have pounced at a certain tuckshop at a place only known as paRasta in Dzivarasekwa Extension and stole various groceries.

Meanwhile, all the recovered exhibits, including the motor vehicle, were booked at ZRP Budiriro, and they have an estimated value of US$14 000, whereas the five suspects were detained at ZRP Budiriro

Investigations are in progress. Herald



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