Tuesday 13 June 2023


CHAOS erupted at Mega Pak company in Ruwa when some managers fainted after receiving retrenchment letters on short notice.

The packaging firm’s subsidiary was said to be struggling with financial leakages due to alleged reckless spending. Sources said 53 employees, including three managers, three supervisors and two auditors, were laid off on June 2.

The managers and supervisors were ordered to surrender their company vehicles and laptops.

Sources at the company told H-Metro that Mega Pak general manager, Walter Muzunde, and financial executive, Wallace Mutemuza, processed the employees’ severance packages without following procedure.

“Our general manager received word from South Africa advising them to cut costs.

“The management panicked and retrenched 53 employees fearing that the axe might fall on them since they are the ones earning hefty perks.

“Among the 53 retrenched employees were three managers, three supervisors and two auditors.”

The source said some of the managers fainted in their offices.

“It was a sad scene to witness some of the bosses sweating after receiving the bad news on short notice.

“Some of the bosses, who used company vehicles, fainted in their offices after they were ordered to return car keys.

“Some of the bosses had no private transport to use to go home and some of the support staff were yet to pay rent when they received the retrenchment letters.”

The source added: “The general manager has been bombarding us with messages demanding that we accept what he has proposed when we are yet to meet our legal representatives.

“We don’t even know how he reached some of the figures he wants to give us.

“I have been here for more than 20 years and I can’t just be dismissed with nothing.”

Contacted for comment, Muzunde expressed ignorance about the retrenchment.

“I am not aware of any retrenchment of employees,” said Muzunde.

“None of our workers were retrenched,” he said.

However, H-Metro is in possession of some of the retrenchment letters signed by Muzunde. H Metro


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