Tuesday 6 June 2023


Wheels on the campaign season for the 2023 harmonised elections have been set in motion following the proclamation of the election date as August 23 by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on May 31.

While the ruling party is still reeling from chaotic primary polls held on March 25 this year, which saw heavyweights biting the dust, factional battles seem to be far from over as some who lost in the internal polls are threatening a ‘bhora musango’ situation if their grievances are not resolved, which may be too late.

On the other hand, the party recently took measures to contain the factional fights, as allegations of a Zanu PF elections monitoring wing Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) heavily monitoring electoral processes within and outside the ruling party have taken the political scene by storm.

There is apparent factional battles in Zanu PF, which has seen Masvingo provincial leadership launching a healing process first, after which they banned various WhatsApp groups accused of fanning factionalism, and recently the Youth League launching a scathing attack on truant members who are against FAZ interference.

Zanu PF Youth League Masvingo Province on May, 31, 2023, in a press conference held at Masvingo Sports club sent a chilling warning to party members alleged to be causing factionalism in the party.

Speaking at the press conference, Masvingo Province youth league Chairperson Delight Tichaona Mandebvu said the league wished to warn party members and youth as well who are still hanging onto primary election differences because it is affecting the progress of the coming harmonized elections.

“The youth league has noted with great concern that party members, youth included are still hanging to the primary elections differences and this is affecting the party mobilization and campaigning ahead of the forthcoming 2023 harmonized elections,” said Mandebvu.

Mandebvu also said these members are defying the politburo and as Youth League they were calling upon the party to activate disciplinary measures against said members.

“We would also like to warn these members that they are defying the politburo and the president’s position and it is an act of misconduct. We call upon the party to activate disciplinary measures against these members.

“We also caution these members that the youth is watching and will not fold hands as there is no room for bhora musango in Zanu PF; primary elections are a normal and internal process which we believe party members should not be divided from,” said Mandebvu.

The youth league chairperson said that they are calling upon the losing candidates to come and join campaign teams.

“We call upon all the losing candidates to come and join the campaign teams and those who do not want should just form their own party because the youth is the vanguard and future of the party,” said Mandebvu.

Masvingo Provincial youth league secretary for administration Wellington Chakona added that the league is not exposing anyone as they are only giving a warning and failure to adhere to it will lead to them exposing these disgruntled members.

“We are not mentioning these candidates with names because today we are just here to warn them and we will expose them if they fail to take this warning seriously,” said Chakona.

Masvingo Provincial youth league political commissar Israel Lunga said that after the primary election party members were not supposed to hate each other but come together and support the qualified candidate.

“The losing candidates are acting with hatred towards the winning candidate and they are still operating in their campaigning WhatsApp groups where their supporters are sympathizing with them yet fueling factionalism and by doing so they are defying the order from security department that has banned all WhatsApp groups,” said Lunga.

Even after the ruling party Zanu PF has banned WhatsApp groups which they said were fueling factionalism within the party, it seems as if there were still party squabbles between the qualified and disqualified candidates after the primary elections.

In May the ruling party Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) embarked on a healing process in the province as members were mooting a ‘bhora musango’, a situation that needed urgent action to try and unite party supporters who were torn apart by the chaotic primary elections.

The exercise was set at district level, and sought to make sure that all party supporters rally behind Mnangagwa and the party despite losing or winning of their preferred candidates during the primary elections.

The ruling party Zanu PF was once again in panic mode as another ‘Bhora Musango’ was looming due to primary elections reruns in some provinces, and the Provincial Chairperson Robson Mavhenyengwa called for immediate action to unite people who were threatening a Bhora Musango.

Winners were warned against celebrating their victory as it was said to be hurting others whom they needed to win the next election, with resources intended for those celebrations to be directed towards campaigns. TellZimNews


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