Friday 2 June 2023


A FORMER senior police officer who was accused of allegedly forcing his drinking mate to suck his manhood until he ejaculated on his hand while threatening to stab him has been acquitted for aggravated indecent assault.

After the dirty scandal was reported to the police, Tasvika Moyo (42) sensationally tendered his resignation from the police force.

Moyo was represented by his lawyer Tinashe Dzipe.

In acquitting him Bulawayo Regional Magistrate Elisha Singano said Unity Mandaza could have filed charges against Moyo so as to find an excuse to his wife since he had squandered a lot of money on that day.

The magistrate noted that Mandaza did not say his side of the story convincingly as he was emotional and was dodging questions. The magistrate said the court wondered why Mandaza could not walk out of the car as he was given two options either to leave the car or remain inside the car. Furthermore the magistrate noted that the reason he gave for not walking away was also not convincing as he said he was afraid he would get lost in the dark yet he had been staying in Bulawayo since 2017 and was a security guard. What nailed Mandaza further was that he told the court that he used to guard a building nearby Bulawayo Tredgold building other places in Bulawayo. The magistrate said Mandaza lied to the court when he said he was not well versed with local areas as he told Moyo to drive him to a local night club where he hired a commercial sex worker and bought protection.

After stating the reasons for acquitting him the magistrate said Moyo was not found guilty and was therefore acquitted.

Mandaza said: “I met Moyo in the company of three females at a hotel situated along Lobengula Street and bought him beer till around 10pm.

After that when the hotel was closed we shifted to a hotel which is situated along Jason Moyo Street, we had more booze there and later I hired a sex worker. After the sex session the hooker left. He asked me to sit in the front seat.”

He added: “He grabbed my hand and put it on his trousers and made me feel his manhood. He forced me to suck his manhood while threatening to stab me with a knife which he was holding.

“I sucked it and when he was about to ejaculate, I moved my mouth away, he ejaculated on my hand. After that he drove to the Tredgold building and left me there. After a few minutes I went to Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the incident.” B Metro


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