Thursday 11 May 2023


AFTER the successful completion of primary elections, Zanu PF is now geared to launch its election manifesto that will give impetus to its campaign for this year’s harmonised polls.

In a wide-ranging interview in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF Secretary for the Commissariat, Cde Mike Bimha, said the revolutionary party is raring to go.

“We are now looking forward to the launch of the party manifesto which will give impetus to the whole exercise of our campaign programme.

“We are now in the process of preparing for the onslaught, preparing for the final push as it were to make sure that Zanu PF comes out victorious,” he said.

As the ruling party, Zanu PF is confident of securing a resounding victory because of several programmes, policies and projects that are uplifting the populace.

All the programmes and projects are premised on addressing the needs, hopes and aspirations of the people.

The successes the party continues to record in various sectors of the economy such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism and small to medium enterprises, are also testimony of the Government’s commitment to meet the people’s needs.

“It’s all systems go, all our structures are poised for that onslaught, the wings of the party, the affiliates of the party and even the returnees from the opposition are all geared up so that we all work as a team to achieve a common objective.  A lot of young people have made their way back showing the vibrancy of the party,” Cde Bimha said.

Admittedly, he said, some of those who found their way back are still greenhorns, hence they will go to the Chitepo School Ideology for orientation.

“They will go through an orientation programme so that they fully understand the history of this country, the history of the struggle, the road to where we are, Vision 2030, and the current thrust of the New Dispensation,” said Cde Bimha.

Zanu PF, he said, is the only political party rooted in advancing the needs and aspirations of the people through the various economic and social policies it has embarked on.

Cde Bimha said the recently held primary elections showed that Zanu PF has made a lot of strides in entrenching democracy.

“It was also a test for our democracy. Democracy is a process and there is no way you can say you have achieved it 100 percent. People participated freely, they came on their own and they made their own choices freely.

“There was no imposition whatsoever be it at district, provincial or even at senior level. People made their own choices freely.

“When people made their applications and submitted their CVs, there was no CV that was thrown away.

“There was no CV that was intercepted at the district level or at the provincial level,” he said.

The objective, Cde Bimha said, is to achieve 5 million votes for the President and the party.

“We accept that we went through an internal exercise and whatever happens should now be behind us and we focus on achieving five million votes for the President and the party,” he said.

Further, Cde Bimha considered the primary elections period as a very important mobilisation exercise.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF National Assembly Member for Mazowe North constituency, Cde Campion Takura Mugweni, who failed to make it in the just-ended primary elections, contested for local authority reruns where he sailed through in Ward 5. Herald


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