Friday 19 May 2023


A MUTARE woman abandoned her nine-year-old physically handicapped daughter with her mother to move in with a new lover.

The concerned granny, Bridget Mapeta applied for maintenance from her daughter, Rumbidzai Muchimbira, accusing her of neglecting her child in the village.

Mapeta said her granddaughter has special needs and Machimbira should financially support her.

“Her daughter does not walk, talk and soils herself. She is nine-years-old. I need to buy diapers for her and I cannot afford them. At times I am forced to use my old T-shirts to clothe her.

“In summer, I make her put on her underwear or my T-shirts since she soils herself. I need diapers since we are now in winter and is very cold. If all her undergarments and T-shirts are wet, what will she wear? I have no one to turn to except her,” said Mapeta.

She said at first when Machimbira secured a job in Mutare she would provide for her child, but has since stopped after finding a new lover.

“When she left the village for Mutare to look for a job, she was a caring daughter and mother. She was employed at a local supermarket (name supplied) and would always send money back to the village for me to look after her dear child,” she said.

She added: “The problem started when she met her new lover who impregnated her. All the love and care shifted to her marriage and new son. She no longer visits her daughter in the village. She has completely shut her out and neglected her.

“What kind of a mother forgets her own child? I am of advanced age and expect my daughter to look after me. This is not the case with my daughter, as she has turned out to be a monster. I had to drag her to court so that she could look after her own flesh.”

Mapeta said she has to carry her granddaughter on her back as she does not walk.

“Her daughter does not walk. I have to carry her on my back each time. I have to regularly change her clothes when she soils herself. My back is now hurting, but what can I do. If I do not look after her, who will do so? I am old and tired. I don’t know maybe my daughter is ashamed to be associated with her own child.

“It is heartbreaking and I am very angry with her. My granddaughter deserves all the love in the world. What hurts me most is that she does not even remember who her mother is. She is now calling me her mother because I am the only person whom she has ever known playing the motherly role on her.”

Mapeta said she had negotiated an out of court settlement with her daughter to pay $50 000 for the maintenance of her granddaughter.

“I was very lenient with her. She said she would give me $50 000, but it is not enough to cater for my granddaughter’s needs. I feel like she is the one looking after her unemployed husband. Her husband is a part time welder and I think he is surviving on her pay. I cannot even work myself because I have to closely monitor my granddaughter.

“The court should ask her when she last saw her daughter or send her anything. It has been ages. I am doing everything for my granddaughter while her husband is benefiting from my child’s hard work,” charged Mapeta.

She said Machimbira is evasive on the paternity of her child.

Machimbira pleaded for mercy from her mother, saying she would reform from her wayward behaviour.

I have not completely turned my back on my daughter. The economic hardships are taking a toll on my finances as at times I won’t be having any money. I am struggling, but I will try to change to be a better mother. I want to ask for my mother’s forgiveness,” pleaded Machimbira.

The presiding magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo granted the $50 000 maintenance by consent. Manica Post


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