Wednesday 10 May 2023


Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Vice Chancellor Professor Rungano Zvobgo lost his sister, Gogo Tsungirirayi Vhudzijena nee Zvobgo (84) and her firstborn son Kenias Matindike Vhudzijena within hours apart.

Prof Zvobgo, also the African Reformed Church Bishop, released a statement to confirm the deaths to The Mirror and said the mother and son will be buried together at the family shrine at Shonganiso Mission on Saturday.

Gogo Vhudzijena died on Sunday at the Avenues Clinic after a lengthy battle with a heart condition. The condition was diagnosed in 1992.

Kenias had an underlying heart condition and died the following day at Samuel Leon Hospital in Harare after a short illness.

Mourners are gathered at 206A Enterprise Road, The Grange in Harare.

Kenias was an accountant at the GZU, while Gogo Vhudzijena was a retired Shonganiso Mission teacher and a liberation war collaborator. She was declared a provincial hero but will be buried at the family shrine.

Zvobgo said Gogo Vhudzijena and her late husband, Kenias Matindike Vhudzijena used limited resources, including a small pick-up truck to deliver medication, food and other critical supplies to liberation war fighters in Masvingo province.

She was born in Masvingo on April 7, 1939, at Shonganiso Mission

Zvobgo described Gogo Vhudzijena as a pillar for the family, church and community determined to unite everyone.

“This passion for community development continued well into independence and beyond through the development of Shonganiso Mission which comprises Shonganiso Primary School, Zivezano Secondary, Shonganiso Clinic and the African Reformed Church,” said Zvobgo.

He added that, under her stewardship, Shonganiso Mission has made great strides as a centre of education and religion.

“In her, we have lost a mother, sister, aunt, friend and spiritual confidante whose life is a celebration of service, commitment and sacrifice for the Murinye community of Masvingo. She was benevolent, loving, caring, and a source of wisdom for the family and community,” he added.

She is survived by six children, 29 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Masvingo Mirror


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