Wednesday 24 May 2023


HE was released through the Presidential Amnesty on Friday but, just a few days later, he was back in custody.

Maybe, that’s the perfect description of an unrepentant thief.

He is being accused of breaking into a Borrowdale house barely 48 hours after being released from prison in a Presidential Amnesty.

In his latest brush with the law, Brian James stole two blankets and a cellphone from Amanda Nkobwe’s house.

He will know his fate today when magistrate Ethel Rutendo Chichera pronounces the sentence after going through his previous convictions.

James pleaded guilty and confirmed that he went to Nkobwe’s house after she had gone to church on Sunday.

Nkobwe locked the doors of her cottage and left the keys on the lower part of the roof, where she usually left them, just in case her house-mates returned home earlier.

James confirmed to the court that he used the keys to unlock the doors after seeing Nkobwe placing them on the roof.

He stole two blankets and two cellphones as well as an inverter and locked the door and went away.

Nkobwe discovered the offence after returning from church and reported the theft at Borrowdale Police Station.

All the property worth US$230 was recovered from James, who confessed to the theft. H Metro


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