Thursday 11 May 2023


A CHINHOYI woman is being accused of forcing her six-year-old son to place his hands on a hot stove after he allegedly stole a cellphone last Friday.

Yeukai Kawara then left her maid to attend to the injured boy while she headed to a church gathering in Masvingo.

The boy was taken to Chinhoyi General Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Yeukai’s neighbours have called for the police to arrest her for her “diabolical act”.

“We all make mistakes but her actions do not tally with the ardent worshipper that she portrays herself to be.

“Wakanga waendepi mwoyo wekubereka zvekubatidza stove wotora mawoko emwana achipisa?

“We strongly condemn this diabolical act meted on the child and call for the police to take action against her.

“Her actions were more evil than what her child had done.

“Besides her being arrested her, we want her employers to also take action,” said a neighbour.

Despite confirming the incident, Kawara blamed her son for the injury.

“Handisirini ndakamupisa, ndiye akaisa ega mawoko pa stove inopisa,” said Yeukai. H Metro


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