Thursday 4 May 2023


THE feuding couple, whose altercation in a Beitbridge lodge has become one of the week’s biggest talking points, had a beautiful white wedding and have a beautiful young family.

Tinashe Kandawasvika, a clearing agent in the border town, is the man whose video, savagely assaulting his wife after finding her in a lodge, has gone viral.

H-Metro has even nicknamed him the “Butcher of Beitbridge.”

As their drama continues to unfold, we have reliably been informed that the woman’s actions could have been driven by an act of ‘‘revenge cheating’’.

Tinashe and his wife, Primrose Kandawasvika, have been together for about 10 years.

A close source said an urgent family meeting was convened at the couple’s house in Limpopo View, Beitbridge, on Monday.

The estranged couple mutually decided to pursue their divorce.

The source said this was the second time Primrose was allegedly caught cheating after her other affair was discovered in December last year.

Tinashe went on to forgive Primrose only to be tipped off by her friends on Sunday that she was meeting her lover at a lodge.

The unidentified lover, who was also brutally assaulted by Tinashe and his friend, had travelled to Beitbridge to see Primrose.

The couple married in 2013 and have three children.

They were in the process of a separation, according to our sources, after Tinashe was also accused of allegedly having an extra-marital affair.

“The situation is tense right now, both Tinashe and Primrose’s relatives were called in on Monday and they had a long meeting that lasted deep into the night.

“The couple has decided to divorce each to avoid further emotional damage,” said the source.

In the video, Tinashe pounds his wife, using fists, like he was in a boxing match.

He keeps on expressing his anger and shock as to why his wife was in a lodge with another man.

He allegedly claims he sent his wife to school, got her a job as a cashier at a company in Beitbridge and even registered some of his assets in her name.

Reaction towards Tinashe’s actions has been swift with many Zimbabweans, irked by the violence, calling for his imprisonment.

Many have concluded he is a monster and he wasn’t supposed to treat another human being like that even despite the emotional circumstances.

They feel the couple should go separate ways and their wish appears to have been granted. H Metro


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