Friday 12 May 2023


A GUTU man who came to Harare in search of a job is now looking for help to return home after turning into a destitute.

Munashe Hamandishe came to Harare four months ago hoping to get a job.

But, nothing has materialised and he has now found himself roaming the streets of the capital.

The 42-year-old eats from rubbish bins and sleeps on the roadside in the Avenues area.

“I want help to get bus fare to go back home as I am now very sick.

“I have been surviving by eating from bins,” said Hamandishe.

A Good Samaritan, Kaylin, was touched by Hamandishe’s plight and assisted him with food yesterday.

Kaylin said she has been seeing Munashe for a week and thought he was mentally disturbed or just a homeless man.

“So, today, (yesterday) I approached him and he told me his heart-wrenching story.

“My heart bled and I prepared sadza for him and also gave him some tea,” said Kaylin.

Kaylin is appealing for help from the public to assist Hamandishe with transport fare to go back home to Gutu and to also receive medical attention.

Kaylin can be reached on 0786585899. H Metro


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