Tuesday 23 May 2023


 A 21-YEAR OLD Marondera man has been slapped with a 22-year jail term for killing an elderly person whom he accused of insulting him in English.

Anyway Pondo was convicted by High Court judge Justice Lucy Mungwari after a full trial.

He was jointly charged with Keith Matenena, who was set free at the close of the State case.

The court heard that on June 13, 2021, the deceased, Langton Mandibvira, was walking along a road close to Southlawn Park School speaking in English.

Pondo was offended by his conduct.

He asked Mandibvira if he was referring to him, and then kicked him several times with booted feet.

Mandibvira sustained serious injuries and was ferried to hospital for treatment, but his condition worsened and he died on June 27, 2021.

During trial, Pondo, who was 18 at the time he committed the offence, denied the allegations citing mistaken identity.

He told the court that he never met the deceased, and never knew him during his existence.

He claimed that on the fateful day, he had remained behind securing bricks and tools at Southlawn Farm, where he worked as a bricklayer.

However, a juvenile witness gave credible evidence against him, resulting in his conviction.

The judge said he believed the evidence given by the child witness.

“The deceased bled from the ears, mouth, and nose and had head injuries. The accused was determined to kill the deceased and did not take heed of his companion’s pleas to desist from his aggression towards the deceased. The old man was subsequently hospitalised and died 13 days later,” the judge said.

“In addition to this, the deceased was 73 years old. The offence of murder was, therefore, committed in aggravating circumstances and this increases the accused’s moral blameworthiness.” Newsday


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