Wednesday 17 May 2023


A TORMENTED Stoneridge woman yesterday accused her husband of chasing her from their matrimonial home to clear the way for him to live with his girlfriend.

The girlfriend is their neighbour, the court heard.

Pamela Mafuka was granted a protection order by magistrate Tamara Chibindi.

She took her husband, Thomas Mutandakufa, to court saying he was in the habit of beating her up, and chasing her from their matrimonial home, to make space for his girlfriend.

“Thomas has a girlfriend from next door and he chased me from home so that his girlfriend could be with him,” said Pamela.

She said the girlfriend’s mother once told her to leave her husband so that her daughter could get married to him.

She also told the court that sometime last week, Thomas kicked her out of the house and took the kids to his sister’s house.

However, she claimed, the children are not well fed at their aunt’s place.

Thomas disputed the accusations, saying he was not dating a neighbour.

“My wife took US$180 meant for children’s school fees.

“When I asked her why she took the money, she failed to give me a proper answer,” said Thomas.

He told the court that he grabbed Pamela by the collar, during the misunderstanding, and she left home.

Magistrate Chibindi ordered Thomas to maintain peace, warning that he would be arrested if he abuses his wife. H Metro


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