Sunday 7 May 2023


CHIEF Menyezwa of Lupane in Matabeleland North  has said a family meeting will be held over a leaked audio recording that was circulating on social media in which a relative was plotting to kill him using juju.

The chief said some relatives were fighting him over his position.

In an audio a woman is heard telling an alleged sangoma to take the sand which the chief’s car would have driven over so that they can kill him.

The Chronicle spoke to chief Menyezwa who said the person who was speaking in the audio recording was his aunt.

He said he was shocked about the plot to kill him using juju.

“I did not know about the audio until I was called by one of my sisters who made me listen to it. I was really shocked when I recognised the voice that was speaking because I have not offended her in any way for her to think of killing me. I wanted to confront her but our family members refused and said I should wait for a family meeting where everything will be discussed and a way forward will be made,” the chief said.

He said it saddens him to know that his aunt is thinking of hurting him when they are supposed to be a family and to protect each other.

Chief Menyezwa said he suspects the fight might be about the chieftaincy.

“During my father’s burial I am the one who was standing at the head of the grave because that is what every heir is supposed to do. And there are a lot of other responsibilities which I have already carried because I was fully aware that I was going to take the throne,” Chief Menyezwa said.

The chief said the sangoma at the centre of the plot to kill him approached him and apologised.  Chronicle


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