Friday 26 May 2023


ANOTHER University of Zimbabwe (UZ) student has been charged with criminal nuisance and malicious damage to property.

He is alleged to have been part of a group which went on a spree around the Harare CBD spray painting political statements on government buildings.

Darlington Upenyu Chigwena was not asked to plead when he appeared in court this Wednesday.

He will be back in court today for bail considerations.

Chigwena’s accomplices – Emmanuel Sitima, Comfort Mpofu, Tawanda Watadza and Lionel Madamombe – appeared in court last week and are in custody pending bail considerations.

Allegations are that between 14 and 15 May, at night, the group of students, and others who are still at large, went to the Parliament of Zimbabwe with red and black spray paint cans.

They evaded security details on duty and allegedly spray painted on, and defaced the southern wall of the Parliament of Zimbabwe Building, along Nelson Mandela Avenue.

Their message was calling for the release of Job Sikhala, who is in remand prison.

Using the red paint, they allegedly wrote the words, “Free Wiwa,” “Free Job Sikhala.”

From there, they proceeded to the High Court, Methodist Church, Harare Magistrates’ Civil Court and Karigamombe Building, inscribing the same statements. H Metro


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