Monday 22 May 2023


TWELVE Zimbabweans who graduated from SAHTC, The Hospitality School, will this week begin work in the United States after securing contracts with resorts and hotels in Salt Lake City.

The development is a major breakthrough for the local tourism and hospitality industry and the re-engagement of the country with the global community.

The graduates who studied for the Chefs on Stage Culinary Arts Management diploma will leave the country today.

SAHTC director Mr Michael Ferrell said it was impressive that young people were becoming role models in branding Zimbabwe on a global scale.

“As a Zimbabwean school with Zimbabwean values we are very excited about this development whereby Zimbabwean trained chefs have been able to break into the international hospitality industry. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our chefs from Zimbabwe to go to the Salt Lake City resorts, it is one of those great experiences one can have in life,” he said.

Mr Ferrell said Zimbabwean chefs were on demand globally hence another group from his school will again go to the United States in August.

Senior lecturer at SAHTC, The Hospitality School, Mr Tendai Nyakakweto said the development was a shot in the arm for the country’s tourism industry.

“We are very proud they are going to raise the flag of Zimbabwe high and we are aware that there are a lot of countries in the world with a number of Zimbabweans working in different fields. As the school, we look forward to such exchange programmes,” he said.

One of the chefs Brenda Jimu said it was exciting and motivating to be offered a contract by an internationally-acclaimed organisation.  Herald


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