Tuesday 11 April 2023


A WESTGATE woman lost more than US$4000 in a botched car deal involving a man she met on Facebook.

Vongai Pepukai, 23, fell victim to Itayi Chikeya of CarsWorld after being promised to receive a brand new Chevrolet Cruize soon after making payment through a money transfer agent.

Vongai deposited the money sometime in February and is yet to receive her vehicle.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the case, saying investigations were in progress.

“Police are investigating a case where a woman lost money to a man she found on social media,” said Insp Chakanza.

“Circumstances are that the complainant was defrauded of cash by the accused person.

“He placed an advertisement on Facebook that he was an agent of a company called CarsWorld, which imports vehicles from South Africa.

“She chose a Chevrolet Cruize on the accused person’s Facebook account, which was going for US$4 181.

“She was told it included import duty.”

He added:  “She was told to deposit money through a money transfer agent based at Avondale Shopping Centre, which she did on various occasions.

“The vehicle was not delivered as agreed, that is when the complainant realised that she had been scammed,” said Insp Chakanza.

In another related case, Brian Chiboni of Tynwald lost US$5000 to Munyaradzi Fungai at Mbare Musika where he paid for a Nissan Caravan NV300 motor vehicle.

“Munyaradzi, who is at large, promised that he would deliver within a month’s time but, up to this date, he has failed to honour his promise and is now being evasive about the issue.” H Metro


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