Friday 28 April 2023


TWO domestic workers at a farm in Headlands allegedly stole a cash stash of US$17 090 from their employer and vanished from their workstation.

The incident allegedly happened in January 2023 at Mutunhu Farm in Headlands. The long arm of law finally caught up with Meeting Phiri, who was employed as a farm gardener.

Police are hunting for Martha Kasasa, an accomplice in the matter, who is now a fugitive from justice.

Phiri, who was a self-actor, did not waste the court’s time when he appeared before Rusape magistrate, Ms Annie Ndiraya, and pleaded guilty.

Ms Ndiraya slapped him with a six-year jail term.

She set aside 18 months on condition of good behaviour.

Another 24 months were further suspended on condition that he restitutes Mr John Winskill his money.

Prosecutor, Mr Marlon Makamba told the court that Phiri worked in cahoots with Kasasa and stole the money during Mr Winskill’s absence.

“Phiri was employed by the complainant as a gardener, and on January 30, 2023 at around 6am, the complainant put US$17 090 in a plastic bag and placed it under his vehicle seat. He visited the fields, leaving the vehicle keys in a drawer in the lounge.

“The accused person and Kasasa, who was employed as a maid, reported for work as usual. Martha picked the keys from the drawer and unlocked the car. The two searched the vehicle and found the US$17 090 stashed under the vehicle seat.

“They wrapped the money with a java cloth and went away. They shared the money in Harare. Phiri took US$10 500 while Kasasa took the remainder,” said Mr Makamba.

Mr Winskill returned from the fields around 11am and found the accused persons gone.

After checking and failing to locate them, the complainant became suspicious and went to check for his money in the vehicle.

He discovered that the money had been stolen. He then made a report to the police, leading to Phiri’s arrest. Manica Post


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