Monday 20 March 2023


Police have launched a manhunt for suspected fraudster Malven Chimutashu (40) who allegedly sold a new Mercedes Benz C200 for US$33 000 that had none of the documents needed for registration and which was seized by Zimra but has now vanished in the midst of his trial.

Chimutashu has since gone into hiding and police would like anyone who can help them arrest him to contact their nearest police station.

During 2019, Ionna Kiki Georgias, the daughter of late former deputy minister Aguy Clement Georgias, was looking for a Mercedes Benz vehicle to buy and was referred to Chimutashu who showed her the C200 with no registration plates and said he wanted to sell it for US$33 000 cash.

Ms Georgias agreed to buy the vehicle and made three payments of US$10 000, US$18 000 and US$5 000 to Chimutashu who then gave her the vehicle.

A few days later, Chimutashu allegedly gave her fake temporary registration number plates. But investigations conducted found the car was not registered in Zimbabwe since it was brought in using a temporary import permit and it was impounded by Zimra.

Ms Georgias made a report to the police who then arrested Chimutashu before he appeared before the courts.

During the trial, Chimutashu disappeared and a warrant of arrest had since been issued against him.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they were looking for him.

“The ZRP is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of Malven Chimutashu (40), whose last known address is 27 Colne Brook Lane, Borrowdale, Harare. The suspect is being sought by the police in connection with a case of fraud which occurred in May 2019 in Borrowdale, Harare,” he said.

Anyone with information leading to his arrest can contact any nearest police station or the investigating officer Detective Inspector Makanyisa on 0772967155 or the Officer-in-Charge CID VTS Harare on 0242-660400/661889/665524 or the National Complaints Desk on 0242703631.

This is not the first time that Chimutashu has been linked to controversy.

In December last year, a Harare magistrate ordered the messenger of court to attach his property worth US$10 000 after his company, EBA Insurance, failed to pay rent of one year to retired banker Lawrence Tamayi. Chimutashu was renting Tamayi’s property in Mt Pleasant, Harare.

According to reports Chimutashu also allegedly did the same to avoid paying rentals at captain of industry Misheck Kachere’s Arundel property. It is reported that there were several other cases involving fraud which had been brought to the courts involving Chimutashu. Chronicle


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