Sunday 12 March 2023


CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa says he has anchored his hope in God with his ‘God is in it’ mantra as he bemoans the closure of the democratic space ahead of the polls.

In an interview with The Standard, Chamisa said the ‘God is in it’ mantra perfectly fits his predicament after being shut out from campaigning.

“We have done everything in our capacity,” Chamisa said. “No relevant body or individual is not aware of our situation in this country.

“We have gone to the courts, but you are aware of the latest High Court judgment about the voters roll.

“After having done all this, Zimbabwe is in the ultimate hands of the Lord. After having done that God is our saviour.”

Police have banned several CCC rallies and also parliamentary feedback meetings for opposition party legislators on charges of failing to comply with the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (Mopa).

The opposition party claims that over 60 of its planned rallies have been blocked since its inception in February last year.

Police have also arrested scores of opposition party supporters during party gatherings with CCC legislator Job Sikhala clocking almost a year in pre-trial detention.

Zec has also refused to release the voters' roll despite calls by CCC and other electoral stakeholders to have access to the document.

The High Court last week ruled against an application by CCC legislator Alan Markham, which sought to compel Zec to release the voters' roll.

Government has  fast-tracked the Private Voluntary (PVO) Bill, which has been heavily criticised for shrinking the democratic space if it is signed into law.

Zanu PF has also reportedly resorted to violence, with scores of opposition supporters being assaulted.

Chamisa said they have resigned to fate despite claiming the party was busy behind the scenes canvassing for votes.

 “We are doing a lot of work behind the scenes and we will not stop,” he said.

 “When I say God is in it, I know what I will be talking about.”

His ‘God is in it mantra’ has been a butt of jokes for his critics, but Chamisa said he won’t dump it.

“No matter what people say, I will not be swayed from putting my faith and trust in the Lord,” he said.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi insisted that CCC was not being prevented from campaigning and claimed that Mopa was being applied fairly to all political players.

“Last week we had a situation where both parties (Zanu PF and CCC) notified the police to hold a rally at the same venue, but police allowed CCC to hold the rally at the venue under the discretion that it had applied first for the venue,” Nyathi said.

“But when the politicians talk about these issues, they tend to exaggerate.” Standard


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