Wednesday 22 March 2023


A MBARE potato trader vendor lost cash and goods worth more than US$20 000 to five armed robbers masquerading as cops.

Richmore Mhaka, 26, of Mbare Flats, was confronted by five armed men masquerading as policemen. They confiscated his goods, handcuffed and dumped him in Mabelreign.

“They approached me and accused me of possessing stolen property and led me to their Toyota Corolla vehicle without licence plates.

“Inside the vehicle was one of the robbers who they claimed was my co-accused.

“They drove me along Remembrance Road, from Rufaro Stadium, claiming that they were taking me to Waterfalls Police Station.

“Along the way one of them produced a pistol and pointed it at me and ordered me to surrender cash.”

He added: “They drove and dumped me near Golden Quarry.

“After removing the handcuffs, one of them ordered me to lie down and I refused, and then they assaulted me.

“I managed to flee while shouting for help.”

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, appealed for information that may lead to the arrest of the robbers.

“On March 20 at around 1pm, complainant was at his vending site in Mbare opposite Rufaro Stadium along Remembrance Drive, selling his potatoes.

“Five accused persons arrived at his place driving a white Toyota Corolla without number plates and purported to be police officers.

“The accused persons instructed the complainant to get into their vehicle so that they could take him to ZRP Waterfalls.

“The complainant complied and got into the vehicle and the accused drove towards ZBC Mbare.

“While at ZBC Mbare, one of the accused persons produced a pistol, pointed it at the complainant and ordered him to surrender all his valuables.

“Complainant complied and handed over US$20 000 cash and his driver’s licence,” said Insp Chakanza.

He said they drove along Bishop Gaul Avenue and dumped the complainant along a dust road near Golden Quarry Road in Mabelreign. H Metro


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