Thursday 2 March 2023


Two gold dealers in Bindura lost US$21 000 cash and 105 grammes of gold to three robbers masquerading as police officers.

Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe said the incident happened on February 28 at around 11.30am.

Insp Mundembe said the complainant, Ngonidzashe Gutsa (23) arrived from Harare at around 10.30am and parked his vehicle inside his yard.

He then handed over US$5 000 to Godfrey Mutariyana (34) who gave him 105 grammes of smelted gold from previous sales.

Gutsa then hid US$10 000 and the gold under the front passenger seat and locked the vehicle.

He instructed Ashton Chirikure to clean the outside of the vehicle only as he went inside the house to rest.

Mutariyana added the US$5 000 to the US$6 900 from the previous day and hid the money under the passenger seat of his car which was also parked in the yard.

At around 11.30am, one of the suspects who was clad in riot gear entered the yard and approached Chirikure looking for Gutsa.

He was directed to Mutariyana who was resting in his car. As Mutariyana went inside to wake Gutsa up, the suspect followed.

Two other accused who were covering their faces with masks and woollen hats entered the yard, grabbed Chirikure and force marched him into the house.

They took car keys, stole the money and gold in the two vehicles and fled.

The matter was reported to the police. Herald


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