Monday 13 February 2023


There was drama at a gravesite in Bindura after violence broke out among relatives at the burial of their loved one.

The incident was triggered by actions of one of the deceased man’s sons, who opened the coffin at the gravesite, angering some relatives.

Reports said the deceased man’s son, only identified as Diva, opened his father’s coffin amid chants of Ngolo, Ngolo, by some mourners.

Ngolo is reportedly the son’s nickname.

In a video circulating on social media, Diva opened the coffin, but failed to remove the cloth covering his late father’s face.

DIVA is restrained by some of the mourners

Violence broke out immediately when some male relatives tried to stop him.

Others supported his move, while other relatives were against his move to open the coffin at the gravesite.

“Siyai aone baba vake. Ona baba vako shamwari, musiyei aone baba vake. Pfeka mask,” shouted some mourners.

Diva responds, “ndibaba vangu,” but he was  stopped by a relative.

The violence lasted a few minutes before a relative closed the coffin.

Sources said, Diva and his other brother urinated inside the grave after the coffin was lowered. H Metro


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