Friday 24 February 2023


ONE of the biggest churches in the country with the largest following in terms of numbers — Vapositori — has pledged 2,3 million votes for President Mnangagwa as a token of appreciation for his astute leadership that has ushered Zimbabwe into a new era.

Uniting under the banner of Vapositori for ED (VED), the garment-donning church that is home to arguably the majority of Zimbabweans, either discreetly or indiscreetly, was yesterday at State House in Harare and pledged to play its part in defending Zimbabwe’s revolution.

Apparently, President Mnangagwa’s unique style of leadership, his open-door policy, and the universally acknowledged “Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo” philosophy have charmed Vapositori who are drawn from Johanne Masowe, Vadzidzi, Mugodhi, and other variations.

President Mnangagwa told Vapositori that nobody, but Zimbabweans could take the country to the Promised Land, saying any developed country today stands rich, primarily through the labour of its people.

“When I got the letter that there is Vapositori for ED who would like to see me, I didn’t think there would be such a huge number at the highest level. When I say nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, that philosophy is not selective. God gave each country its own resources, I don’t think God wants to see other nations oppressing others. Some think when I say Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo I am talking about only those in politics; I mean every single Zimbabwean, no matter your background, put shoulder to the wheel to build your country,” the President said.

As a listening leader, President Mnangagwa said his door would forever be open for Vapositori, who have asked him for a Ministry of Religion.

“I heard you say that you want to defend the country’s Independence. There are many who don’t appreciate that, if it was possible we would go back to our true selves and be proud of who we are.

“Now we are being misled, if we are in agreement that we have a task to preserve our heritage, our task will be surmountable because we will be together as one people,” he said.

The President added that he will ensure freedom of worship is enjoyed by every Zimbabwean and also promised to engage traditional leaders whom the Vapositori had said were sometimes interfering with their activities.

“You are reservoirs of knowledge, you have asked for a religious ministry. I have taken this into consideration, and soon I will be meeting with chiefs to get their views on the issue that you have raised.

“Let me tell you that we have some who are black only in colour but inside they are white, it is better to associate with the white man openly,” he said.

The Vapositori, through their spokesperson Madzibaba Obey Mapuranga, told the President that they will express themselves through the ballot and silence puppets that masquerade as opposition figures.

“We are saying had it not been for the democracy kind of rule that came from the whites, our erstwhile colonisers, this country would be ruled forever by Zanu PF because it is the only party that sacrificed blood to liberate this country, there is no other party. But because this country is not a theocracy, it’s a democracy, we have accepted that and we are coming into the democratic processes and vote. We are going to bring the vote, more than 2.3 million Vapositori in their churches, they will vote for Zanu PF,” said Madzibaba Mapuranga. Herald


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