Monday 27 February 2023


A CHIEF executive of a funeral parlour, who criticised the police for what he claimed was their inefficiency, has been forced to eat humble pie.

He has now hailed the police after they recovered his Toyota Quantum worth more than US$20 000.

Kurirai Marufu of Munashe Funeral Services, who is based in South Africa, apologised to law enforcement agents over his remarks in which he criticised them.

Kurirai gathered his relatives on Thursday in Harare for a press conference where he hailed the police for recovering his stolen vehicle.

“You never know how important police are until you get exposed to criminals,” said Kurirai.

“I was duped by someone I trusted very much when he hired my vehicle before disappearing.

“One of my relatives advised me to lodge a police report against him, but I had lost faith in the ZRP some time ago. He convinced me and I lodged a report, and the investigating officer with his team proved me wrong.

“The vehicle was tracked and recovered in Rusape where it was parked at the suspect’s rural home. Today, I gathered you to apologise to the Ministry of Home Affairs as well as police commanders for undermining their capabilities.

“Ndakataura mashoko ekutsoropodza police nekuti pane mumwechete akanga atadza basa,” said Kurirai.

The suspect, Ramel Mataranyika, has since appeared in court and remanded out of custody on $10 000 bail. He was arrested again, soon after paying bail, on other five car theft charges and his accomplice, only identified as Cephas, is still at large.

Mataranyika hired Kurirai’s Toyota Quantum from South Africa and crossed the border into the country.

It was recovered at his rural home without registration plates. H Metro


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