Saturday 21 January 2023


I was, all along quite sympathetic to Seremani and his “beaten”  fellow “victims”. But Seremani’s interview with some nondescript online propaganda television channel ZEEMTV which, alongside MEDIAZIM, belongs to Triple C through its dutiful organ, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, has totally changed my view.

I now know Seremani and his team as one big cast in a drama meant to milk global pathos. Theirs was pseudo-event enacted by their party, Triple C, for its hearts-and-mind campaign against Zimbabwe, and for propaganda use by its benefactors in the West in their rabid, anti-Zimbabwe campaign.

In hindsight, elements of this pseudo-event are now falling in place. The cast had to involve aged men and women as emotional triggers for their empathetic propaganda value. A cast-within-a-cast took the form of seemingly hostile interrogators who harangued the aged “victims” for cameras.

The escalation and climax came by way of an “assault” on these aged “victims”, all to produce a video rich in verisimilitude for viral circulation on social media. That done, the “victims” would be done, to then get swiftly evacuated from Murehwa’s Ward 7 ostensibly for safety and medical attention in Harare. Fiction cannot endure, let alone suffer rigorous scrutiny.

So the victims needed quartering in opposition safe houses ran by a consortia of NGOs, again under the umbrella of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition. Representatives of western embassies – themselves Triple C’s funders – would then take turns to record sob-tales and take images of distressed faces, thereby having props for a plausible narrative on Zanu PF-instigated political violence.

But something gave the game away. Triple C blocked media access  to these so-called victims of political violence. Surprisingly, even the instinctively and habitually pro-opposition NewsHawksLive, itself a George Soros’ Open Society construct built for the Opposition, was also barred.

This provoked an angry response through its Twitter thread! Rule One: there is always a chink in the armour of every propaganda effort. A yawning chasm in this case which left the whole act wide open and exposed.

More holes in the fiction were to follow. Barely 24 hours after this Triple C embargo on media, ZEEMTV, complemented MEDIAZIM and Triple C’s well-known “stick” of uneducated digital warriors, swung into action. Led by one Haruzibgwi who is in self-exile and himself a rabid Triple C digital warrior, Triple C sought to inveigle the media into feeding off a poorly choreographed ZEEMTV propaganda interview with Morris Seremani which broke all rules of broadcast journalism.

This was circulated on social media to bait mainstream media. With the exception of a few Triple C-affiliated media outlets, the mainstream media shunned this guided “story” which soon grew anaemic before withering to nothingness.

Not helped by a more gripping story of the callous gunning down of three innocent souls by Muvhevhi, an ex-ZRP detective, and his subsequent arrest in flight in Mozambique which made a good distraction. The Murehwa story quickly died. So much about the story here at home! Herald


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