Wednesday 14 December 2022


A Harare couple’s marriage is on the rocks allegedly as a result of interference by a prophet who befriended the woman, causing acrimony and suspicion in the union.

Chenai Maduki has hauled her husband Joseph Chimbwanda to the Harare Civil Court claiming he routinely assaults and threatens to kill her.

They appeared before magistrate Ms Tamara Chibindi today who granted her the protection order she was seeking.

Muduki told the court that her husband was in the habit of abusing her all the time.

“He abuses and assaults me. Sometimes he wields a knife threatening to kill me. He no longer stays with us at home but he comes to harass me and even the children are afraid of him now.”

Chimbwanda opposed the application saying the allegations were unfounded. He said Muduki was trying to conceal her affair with a prophet at their church.

“There is a prophet who used to come and worship with us because we go to the same church. I was shocked to realise that my wife was now doing his laundry at home and some other favours for him neglecting me,” he said.

Chimbwanda said after questioning her, she decided to throw his clothes outside the house and that was why he was no longer sleeping at home.

Ms Chibindi advised Muduki to apply for a divorce settlement if she wanted to bar her husband from entering the house. Herald


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