Thursday 15 December 2022


Kwekwe Town Clerk Dr Lucia Mnkandla has moved into the local authority’s mayoral mansion in a move that is likely to anger councillors.

Located in the leafy Hazeldine suburb, the mansion had been lying idle for more than five years after being last occupied by the then mayor, Alderman Matenda Madzoke.

Councillor Angeline Kasipo who took over from Alderman Madzoke turned down the offer to move into the mansion just like the incumbent Cllr Future Titora who chose to remain at her house in Mbizo suburb.

Councillors resolved that the house would be refurbished and converted into a lodge which would generate income for the local authority.

In a sudden turn of events Dr Mnkandla, who was appointed substantive town clerk last year, took over the house after major renovations had been done and has been staying there for about three weeks now.

Director of Housing and Community Services, Mr Edson Chiyangwa confirmed the development yesterday.

“She moved into the house because she has been appointed substantive Town Clerk. We could not find  a suitable house for her hence she had to move into this council house which has been lying idle,” said Mr Chiyangwa.

He said before Dr Mnkandla moved into the Mayoral Mansion, council had been renting a house for her.

“We had been forking out about US$500 per month to rent a house for her so we decided that she moves into this house instead of spending a lot of money constructing a house for her,” he said.

Mr Chiyangwa said the mayor turned down the offer to move into the house choosing to remain at her house in Mbizo suburb.

He said the house is not big enough to be a lodge.

“We also discovered that the house is not big enough to be converted into a lodge hence we shelved the idea,” he said.

Acting Mayor, Councillor Pikurai Msipa said councillors were yet to be informed about the new development.

“We are yet to be informed about this new development you are talking about because we are just hearing about it in the corridors. What I understand is that our decision as councillors was to convert that house into a lodge,” said Cllr Msipa.

The mayoral mansions used to be occupied by executive mayors but Government has since reverted to  ceremonial mayors. Chronicle



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