Friday 16 December 2022


Two members of the all-female Imbube group, Nobuntu disappeared while on tour to the United States of America, with the group describing their actions as selfish.

Nobuntu was on a two-month tour of the United States of America, dubbed the US Fall Tour 2022 that started in October.

Nobuntu is a five-member all-female Imbube group made up of Duduzile Sibanda, Joyline Sibanda, Zanele Manhenga (sister to Dudu Manhenga), Thandeka Moyo and Heather Dube.

Heather Dube and Brenda S Rera, who temporarily held the place of new mother Thandeka Moyo, did not show up for the group’s flight back home according to the 10th District Music Director Dumisani Moyo in a statement.

After years of sharing our music and culture with Bulawayo and the world, Nobuntu has arrived at a turning point. At the end of Nobuntu’s US Fall Tour 2022, long-time member Heather Dube and replacement performer Brenda S Rera, who temporarily held the place of Thandeka Moyo, did not show up for their departure flight from Newark, New Jersey, USA on the 23rd of November 2022,” said Moyo.

He said the two have been reported to relevant authorities to distance Nobuntu from the actions of the pair.

“As 10th District Music and Nobuntu, we have taken every possible measure and alerted all relevant authorities to not further jeopardise the legacy, lives and futures of the remaining Nobuntu members and their families,” he said.

He condemned the actions of the pair, saying it showed a disregard for the futures of others.

“The actions of both Heather and Brenda show great disregard for the lives of their fellow group members and the work they have collectively committed to and made sacrificed for,” said Moyo.


He said the group is moving on and will continue making music without the missing duo.

“Yet, with every dark night comes a brighter dawn. Nobuntu continues in their profession and passion for making cultural roots music to the best of their abilities. Nobuntu will move on, with only the four remaining members, making music, performing and sharing their talents, creativity, cultures and traditions through music and dance. Nobuntu members are on holiday after the tour, but will be entering the studio to create new beautiful music,” said Moyo.

Nobuntu has drawn international acclaim for its inventive performances that range from traditional Zimbabwean songs to Afro jazz and gospel.

The ensemble’s concerts are performed with pure voices, augmented by minimalistic percussion, traditional instruments such as the mbira (thumb piano) and organic, authentic dance movements.

In 2015, the group was nominated for Best Musician of the Year at the Zimbabwe International Women Awards in London and in the last few seasons, the quintet has performed at festivals and concert halls in Zimbabwe, America, Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Canada. Chronicle


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