Wednesday 14 December 2022


ACTOR Abiatha ‘Dr Franco’ Mugadza is reported to have attempted to commit suicide on Monday afternoon after being allegedly dumped by his second wife.

Dr Franco, an actor with Patsime Trust, struggled to accept his young wife’s decision to leave him.

Sources said he was rushed to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where he is receiving treatment after his suicide attempt failed.

His mobile phone was not reachable yesterday.

Dr Franco, who is also a Madzibaba, is said to be married to two blood sisters.

He had been having a row with his second wife for some time.

On Monday afternoon, he reportedly drank an unknown poisonous substance, attempting to kill himself, but it did not work.

He also threw himself in front of a moving car and sustained injuries.

“He was dumped by his second wife on Saturday and he posted on his Facebook page that he was depressed.

“On Monday, he took an unknown substance, which didn’t work, so  he then threw himself in front of a moving car.

“The incident occurred close to his workplace in Newlands,” said the source.

“We took him to a local hospital and he is not looking good. People need to learn to walk away kana zvaramba. He has two wives, who are sisters. The second wife told him that she was no longer interested in him.”

Mugadza is a Madzibaba in Domboshava. “NdiMadzibaba vekumasowe kuDomboshava. 

“We had to drag him from the road before we locked him inside a room.

“He then banged his head on the window repeatedly until he went quiet.

“We then called the police only to find him under the bed.” H Metro


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