Monday 12 December 2022


THE Councillor who was described as a drunkard, violent, promiscuous and abusive man by his wife in court last week was the Mayor of Chitungwiza just four years ago.

Gift Tsverere was accused of threatening to kill Tsitsi Ndawana and destroying the couple’s property.

She was granted a protection order at the Harare Civil Court.

Tsitsi told the court that Tsverere once drew a knife and threatened to stab her to death.

She also accused him of forcing her to have unprotected sex.

 “I’m six months pregnant Your Worship, but he beats me up and abuses me emotionally,” she told the court.

“I had to run away from our matrimonial home because I’m now traumatised and afraid that I might have a miscarriage.

“When I’m at work, he walks around the house naked, dropping things intentionally for the maid to pick up so that he can see her behind. 

“Our son and maid are afraid of him. I’m emotionally drained right now. 

“He is a Councillor in Chitungwiza and sleeps with prostitutes from Chikwanha then comes home and forces me to have unprotected sex.”

Tsverere denied the allegations and said he still loves his “beautiful” wife.

“My wife is beautiful as you can see and I love her. But all that she said are lies. 

“I’m not violent like she says; these are false allegations.

“She is the one who complains that I’m not sleeping with her, saying I have many girlfriends, which is not true.”

Magistrate Mashavire ordered Gift to maintain peace and stay away from their matrimonial house in Westlea.

It’s a stunning and humiliating fall from grace for a man who, just four years ago, was the Mayor of Chitungwiza.

He even vowed to transform the town through the implementation of sound policies.

 “I am aware that some of my predecessors failed to deliver on residents’ expectations for various reasons. I will not be a failure like them because I am a results-oriented person,” he said as he took the oath of office.

“From past experience, Chitungwiza has suffered due to incompetent councillors who were not able to fully understand the Urban Councils Act and other Acts, which support the operations of local authority.

“I have the necessary skills required to do the job. I understand laws governing local authorities and together with other councillors we will make necessary resolutions and ensure they are implemented.

“Chitungwiza, like any other town in Africa, is faced with rapid population growth, which is putting pressure on the few available resources,” he said.

“Many suburbs, commonly known as extensions are not serviced and have challenges of entitlement due to the difficult procedure to obtain land title.

“The improvement in infrastructure development will attract investment hence create employment and possibly make Chitungwiza a high economic zone.”

Clr Tsverere is quite well educated as he holds a Masters degree in Public Policy and Practice from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom and a Bsc Honours Degree in Development Studies from Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE).

He was the Student Representative Council president at BUSE.

However, his time as Chitungwiza Mayor was short.

He was suspended, just one month after taking the oath of office, following a High Court application challenging his rise to power.

Four months later, in February 2019, he resigned from the post. H Metro


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