Wednesday 30 November 2022


A HARARE woman has been granted a protection order against her husband who verbally and physically abuses her when he’s drunk.

Jacqueline Dhoti applied for a protection against her husband, Rovanai Zamisa, at the Harare Civil Court yesterday and magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted her application.

Jacqueline told the court that Rovanai was a drunkard who has developed a habit of throwing her outside the house in the dead of the night.

She cried in court accusing her husband of insulting her in front of their kids, stripping her naked and urinating in the living room. He is a drunkard, Your Worship. He removes clothes and urinates in front of our children and our house now reeks of a strong urine stench.

“He accuses me of prostitution and throws away all my clothes or food l would have cooked.

“He used to work at the city council where he got injured and was given a house as compensation, but he doesn’t allow my relatives to visit me,” she said.

Rovanai denied the allegations saying that he was the one who was being abused because he was crippled by Jacqueline’s children, who beat him up.

“She is part of the Nyau dancers. I took care of her three children and in return they beat me up. She once went to a party and came back a week later.

“It hurts me reading these court papers where she claims that I’m her boyfriend while we stay together and have two children together.

“I want us to stay together in peace as husband and wife.

“However, if she no longer loves me, please do grant her the protection order,” said Rovanai. H Metro


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