Tuesday 8 November 2022


A HELICOPTER, a Hummer, a brand new Land Rover Discovery, men and women on horseback – it looked like a glitzy A-List celebrity event.

But, this was just an apostolic gathering at a shrine in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

Madzibaba Owen Chingondi, of the Johane Masowe weChishanu, is the 38-year-old who arrived in style in a chopper, in time for their traditional prayers at the weekend.

The man of cloth said he had to take to the skies, from Victoria Falls, for him to ensure he arrived in time for the prayers.

“I was in Victoria Falls and wanted to be in Harare for our gathering where Chief Seke was attending,” said Madzibaba Owen.

“We respect our elders as well as the time of prayer. Tineminamato yatinoita nguva dzetatu, dzepfumbamwe nenguva dzegumi nembiri.

“I decided to ask my helicopter pilot to take me to Harare in time for prayers. If I had used the road, I would not have made it on time.”

He said the name Velvet, written on his helicopter, came from his place of worship.

“I opened a place of worship near Velvet Service Station and members started to call me by that name.

“Our members know me better as Madzibaba vepaVelvet since it is where I meet with others for prayers,” said Madzibaba Owen.

The landing of his chopper caused a stir in Chitungwiza with church members using their cellphones to take pictures and videos.

Madzibaba Owen’s helicopter hired out to sightseeing tourists in Victoria Falls. H Metro


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