Friday 25 November 2022


SEED CO chairperson and Imara Holdings independent non-executive director Michael Shongwe Ndoro, who is embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his former wife, Star Precious Ndoro, has been reported to the police for allegedly intimidating and threatening her.

The pair is fighting over property and company shares.

Ndoro’s ex-wife told police that her life was in danger as he had ignored court orders stopping him from intimidating her.

Precious alleged that Ndoro has been engaging unknown people to cause harm to her.

In a police statement seen by NewsDay, she claimed that her life was in danger as Ndoro and his relatives were threatening her for reporting him for forgery after he allegedly removed her from company documents.

“After reporting all these cases my ex-husband allegedly recruited his relatives to fight me so that I don’t get to fight for my share of the assets acquired during the subsistence of our marriage of 27 years.

“I am now living in fear after seeing messages that Ndoro and his relatives are plotting that the family should employ mafia tactics so that I should be harassed by people that I don’t know, but I am on high alert after being warned to watch my back,” she said.

She said she had been married to Ndoro from 1992 to 2019 and a divorce decree was granted on December 26, 2019 but the distribution of property is pending.

The High Court, however, issued an interdict saying their assets should not be sold or dissipated by either party.

However, she said her ex-husband violated the court order and sold the property.  She reported the issue on July 14 at Goromonzi Police Station under case number CR105/06/22.  The matter was moved from Goromonzi Magistrates’ Court to Marondera due to suspected interference.

Precious claims that Ndoro has been locking her out of her workplace for three-and-a-half years.

Ndoro denied the claims, describing his wife as a “delusional person” who does not want to let go of their relationship.

“I do not wish to be close to her even 200 metres.  I left her with a house worth US$2,5 million. I know she wants to get me suspended from the boards that I am seating and all sorts," Ndoro said, adding that he was a peaceful person.

Court documents show that Ndoro faces a fraud case whose trial is set to begin on December 12.  The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera) is a complainant in the matter.

It is alleged that Ndoro and Precious registered Zororo Energy Company where they are both directors with 50% shares each.

After their divorce in November 2019, the High Court reserved the issue of distribution of matrimonial assets, including Zororo Energy Company.

Ndoro was allegedly left at their matrimonial home.  He allegedly forged a company resolution purporting that his former wife had resigned from her directorship and shareholding of Zororo Energy Company and replaced her with Tunika Phaenah Mkhahanana.

The forged Zororo Energy documents were tendered to Zera.

Ndoro then applied for an electricity generation licence. Precious saw a public notice in a newspaper and reported the matter to the police.

The Registrar of Companies then confirmed that the directorship and shareholding of the company had been changed. Newsday


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