Tuesday 22 November 2022


A 42-YEAR-OLD widow has been sleeping in a car for the past week while fighting to reclaim her late husband’s estate.

Chipochangu Chiremba and her seven-year-old daughter lost the inheritance of the late Watson Munyai’s estate.

The daughter has not been going to school and is suffering from a heart problem which urgently needs medical attention.

One of the late Munyai’s young brothers is alleged to have connived with a Master of the High Court employee in Mutare to obtain a forged divorce decree.

Chiremba, through her lawyers, Mugiya and Muvhami Law Chambers, has since written a letter to the Master of High Court stating that the registration of the estate in Mutare is highly suspicious.

The letter indicated that the surviving spouse, and her child, were excluded and none of the estates are in Mutare.

Two letters addressed to the Master of the High Court in Mutare, stamped November 4, and another to the Harare office on the same day, were written by Chiremba’s lawyers.

“We have learnt that the estate of the late Watson Munyai was registered at your office behind our client’s back. She was staying with the late at the time of his death.

“What happened is that relatives of our client’s husband came and took the now deceased to Rusape with a view to consult a traditional healer.

“Within a week, our client’s husband died and it is our client who then processed the Nyaradzo funeral documents since the late had indicated to her as the spouse.

“The relatives processed a death certificate behind our client’s back and registered the estate in Mutare when all assets for the late are in Chivhu.

“We move that the letters of administration issued in favour of Honour Munyai (son of the late Watson Munyai) be revoked as it was obtained fraudulently,” reads the letter to the Master of the High Court office in Mutare.

Another letter addressed to the Harare office, requests that the estate be handled at the Master of the High Court head office, or at the Chivhu Magistrates’ Court, where all properties are located.

Chiremba told H-Metro she experienced a serious stomach bug on the day her husband died.

Taking advantage of her illness, one of the relatives used Watson’s ex-wife’s divorce papers to approach the Master of the High Court to claim that the deceased had no surviving spouse.

She said her health, and that of her daughter, were at risk since they relied on money from rentals, which they have now been blocked from accessing.

“My daughter urgently needs medical attention, but my late husband’s relatives have captured everything, including rentals we were receiving from two houses,” said Chiremba.

“I also rely on pills and we have been blocked from all our sources of income that my life and that of my child are at risk if justice is delayed.

“The relatives are after taking over our farm, two houses and other properties. I feel abused by the relatives,” said Chiremba. H Metro


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