Monday 21 November 2022


Mr Nkomichi James Dube (55) who was involved in a freak accident in Hwange, has been admitted at Binga District Hospital for the past 11 years.

He has a catheter that helps him relieve himself because of the injuries he suffered following the accident.

Mr Dube used to live at his plot in Siabuwa area with his wife and three children before he was involved in the accident.

He used to work as a general hand at Binga District Hospital herding the institution’s cattle, working in the garden and doing any other job assigned to him.

Mr Dube who was left paralysed following the accident, said he does not want to relive the accident as it has traumatised him.

All he said was that he was in pain and wants to go back to Bulawayo for treatment.

“I’m in pain, Binga Hospital has been my home since I was hit by a car in Hwange town 11 years go,” said Mr Dube.

He said his wife died years ago and he has not visited his three children since the accident.

“What is painful is that not a single relative has bothered to visit me at the hospital hence I am now hopeless. I am in excruciating pain and I am appealing for help to seek specialised treatment,”

Mr Dube said he can be found at Binga Hospital as he has no cellphone or any contacts as his relatives abandoned him years ago.

He cannot eat solids following the accident.

“When I was operated something happened and my anus was opened. Another doctor decided to close it and as a result I am not able to pass bowels properly. Eating insima (isitshwala/sadza) is problematic as I won’t be able to pass bowels,” said Mr Dube.

He said his private parts were also damaged.

Mr Dube said he now survives on food that the hospital provides and from well-wishers.

“The only food that I can eat is porridge, or anything liquid. It helps as I can pass my bowls without any problems. People help here and there but I’m suffering,” said Mr Dube.

The catheter is now very old and urgently needs replacement.

Binga District Medical Officer, Dr Sibonginkosi Ncube said Mr Dube suffers from epilepsy and has a violent character.

“I found Mr Dube here and he has been at the hospital since the accident in 2011. At one time we sent him home to his place in Siabuwa but he was violent to care givers hence he is back here.

“He is a social welfare case and we are doing our best to take care of him as well as provide the required medication,” said Dr Ncube. Chronicle


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