Thursday 3 November 2022


POLICE, civil servants, traditional chiefs and personnel from parastatals have attended training workshops at the ruling party’s Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology (HCSI), a Zanu PF central committee (CC) report has disclosed.

The report, which was tabled at Zanu PF’s 7th congress in Harare last month also revealed that a virtual ideology symposium was organised in 2021 for all State universities and the Robert Gabriel School of Intelligence.

HCSI, also referred to as Chitepo Ideological College, is a Zanu PF-affiliated institution.

“Two workshops for sergeant majors and officers-in-charge of police stations were held separately at Ntabazinduna Training Centre near Bulawayo. Workshops were also held for members of the (police) Support Unit at Shamva Training Depot and superintendents and above at Morris Depot,” the report read.

“Since last year, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) recruits have been undergoing ideological training at Ntabazinduna Training Depot as part of their recruit training package. The trend or practice has become a permanent feature as agreed between the school and ZPCS.

“Five-day workshops have been held in all provinces for newly-elected district co-ordinating committee members, traditional leaders and civil servants so that they work in harmony in pursuit of government developmental programmes as well as cultivating the spirit of patriotism.

“Three workshops for directors and deputy directors were held between 2021 and 2022. The Public Service Commission (PSC) requested the school to hold the workshops as part of its re-orientation programme,” the CC report read.

The Constitution prohibits traditional leaders from being members of any political party, participating in partisan politics or acting in a partisan manner.

“All senior officials of the Local Government and Public Works ministry went through a basic orientation course as part of PSC (Public Service Commission) re-orientation training. Three workshops were held in Harare which also saw provincial development co-ordinators, district development committees and other provincial and district officials participating. The workshops culminated in visits to liberation struggle shrines in Mozambique and Zambia between November 2021 and July 2022.”

The CC report said diplomats attend the basic orientation course before they are deployed to foreign missions.

“This has been a breakthrough considering their role as ambassadors of our country in different countries. Two intakes have gone through ideological training so far this year,” the report added.

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company senior management have also undertaken ideological training at the Chitepo School of Ideology. Newsday


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