Thursday 10 November 2022


A SOUTH AFRICA-based married man was humiliated after his love messages to  a woman were discovered by her husband.

The man, Tatenda Muchena, pleaded for forgiveness as he was being bashed by the woman’s husband.

He was made to reveal everything which transpired between them and was forced to roll in the mud while being beaten up.

Tatenda did not respond to questions sent to him about the incident.

However, in a video obtained by H-Metro, Tatenda is seen being repeatedly beaten under his feet.

Tatenda is also seen being interrogated by the woman’s husband over his shenanigans.

“This person you are seeing here, dates married women,” says the husband in the video.

“Did you only propose to her or you did something?”

Tatenda then confesses. “Handichazviita futi zvekunyenga mukadzi wemunhu.

“I got her number as I wanted to buy some sheets,” he said.

The woman’s husband, who refused to be named, told H-Metro he discovered the chats between Tatenda and his wife and decided to trap him.

“This guy is from Marondera, and I discovered that he always goes after married women, so I trapped him on Monday.

“He is a married man and has a wedding band.

“He has a wife waakachata naye then woita system yekunyenga vakadzi vevanhu,” said the fuming husband.

The husband’s friend said: “He stays with his wife here (in South Africa) and she is tired of his games.

“Akatozvibata and is pained over this issue, but haana zvokuita semunhu anoda imba.

“This guy used to come pamba achimanikidzira kudiwa kana murume asipo.” H Metro


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