Wednesday 23 November 2022


The Zengeza House of Horror story, of a woman who kept her husband’s corpse for many days, has sent tongues wagging with many people giving different theories and conspiracies.

The incident was exposed by a carpenter, who was hired by Gogo Mashasha, who is reported to have been alerted by the smell of a decomposing corpse.

After the search, a 39-year-old man, Grant was exposed while hiding in the ceiling of the house.

This has prompted some to conclude that Gogo Mashasha was using juju.

Others are claiming she was trying to conceal the crimes of her son, Grant who reportedly murdered his brother, some time back.

The other section is arguing that, the woman lied to her husband that Grant had gone outside the country.

The husband was paralysed in 1992 and had been using a wheelchair until he died, possibly last Thursday.

It is being reported that she made sure Grant stayed in the ceiling, as a way to avoid his father, who had enquired about his whereabouts.

He would reportedly come down to eat and other activities.

Others claim everything exploded when Grant’s father met him in the passage leading to disturbances which led to the old man’s death.

The last funeral at the house, neighbours claim, was attended by only six people.

Still, there are more questions than answers.

And, social media, as it usually does, has provided many with a platform to air their views about this disturbing case.

Here are some of the contributions from Zimbabweans:

This lady has been hiding her son for 14 years achigara muceiling. She has been telling people kuti akafa for reasons which we don’t know. Murume wavo is believed kuti ane one week afa vachigara naye mumba vasina munhu wavakaudza until zvazofumuka nhasi. – Patience Randazhah


Hanzi Grant last seen 2008, Gogo vachiti akaenda SA kusvikira akutonzi akafa mafriends ake ndopaakapedzisira kumuona. So Gogo vadeedza vanogadzira makey ndovanzwa kunhuwa pamba ndokunosheedzawo vanhu pavhurwa ndokuwanikwa sekuru vakafa. Ndopazonovhurwa imwe room, Grant bvaatizira muceiling kureva ndomaitogara pamwe. Mapurisa paaedza kumubata anga achitove confused achida kutiza ndopaiswa macuffs asi zvese izvi Gogo ndovanemabasa ese aya. – Cappazimix.


Reporting live from Zengeza hedu, Grant akanzi akaenda South Africa 2010 iye akavigwa mumba hake for 12 yrs. – Billy Talentbee Zhira.


 Grant akatoitwa zoom zoom seriously ndiyani normal person angagare musiringi aah hakuna zvakadaro chave chikwambo icho. – Sharon Musokoma.


 The guys vakamuvhomora imomo vaiti the smell in the ceiling is worse than that of the decomposing body yamudhara, meaning the ceiling was also the toilet at times unless kana aipota achimbovhurirwa kuti aende mutoilet. – Ephias.


Sadly we might never know the real reason why and how she kept her son in such a state. Vanozviti vanhu vaMwari vaya endai munonamatira mai avo maybe vangaita zvemuAfrican movie voreurura. – Melinda Getsi.


 I would like to believe kuti mbuya ava was using these two people sezvikwambo. Grant uyo haasisina kunyasokwana from what I am seeing plus varume two vari normal havaimbotadza kurwisa mbuya ava. They must have been under some spell kuti vaite zvituta kudai. How can the police handcuff that poor man leaving the perpetrator asina kusungwa unless he was violent plus kutobvumira mbuya kutakura bag. Ko akaburitsa mbashto imomo? – Rux Wekwarukobo. H Metro


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