Saturday 19 November 2022


THIRTY-NINE high school students from various schools were arrested during a Vuzu party in Bulawayo’s Kumalo suburb on Friday, police confirmed yesterday.

Police said they recovered used condoms, bottles of whisky and cigarettes at the scene.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they were still conducting further investigations when contacted for comment yesterday.

“We will be able to give an update on Monday (tomorrow),” Nyathi said.

Vuzu parties are generally described as wild parties mostly attended by teenagers where they engage in alcohol consumption, drug and substance abuse as well as sexual activities with various partners.

The parties have drawn a lot of worry from parents, law enforcers, local authority and government officials in the city.

A 2019 study said there could be rampant backyard abortions resulting from the Vuzu parties.

The study entitled: “Exploring the practice of Vuzu parties among young people in Bulawayo,” was conducted by Aids Healthcare Foundation in partnership with Grassroots Soccer.

Findings of the study showed that absenteeism by parents and guardians often drive the youth to the parties.

“There are also concerns about the future consequences of the heavy drinking and drug abuse at the Vuzu parties,” the study noted.

“One youth respondent noted that his greatest regret of attending the parties  was addiction and that some of the girls fell pregnant during the marathon sex escapades forcing them to conduct abortions as they did not even known who was responsible for the pregnancies.”

At the Vuzu parties, the young people involved give each other prizes for those that have sex with the highest number of people.

There are also fears that older people are involved, which experts say could drive HIV infections among young people. Standard


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