Friday 14 October 2022


FOR the Bible says, “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.”

This Biblical advice, however, seems to have no meaning for a Bulawayo-based pastor who is flinging in controversy after a city man accused him of wrecking his marriage before he moved on with his estranged wife.

Taurayi Micheal Wurayayi claimed Mandla Maphala who is reportedly a pastor with Spirit Embassy broke his 12-year marriage with his wife Cleopatra Ntemanyanza.

Wurayayi is accusing Maphala of planting bad pieces of advice in the mind of his estranged wife. A heartbroken Wurayayi claimed Maphala is now inappropriately associating with his estranged wife.

A dejected Wurayayi alleged that Maphala wrecked his marriage when he coerced his wife to dump him so that she could date him.

He suspected that the illicit relationship started when he was still based in Harare while his wife was staying in Bulawayo.

He said the incident disturbed his life to the core and he would never forget it.

Wurayayi alleged that trouble started sometime in June 2020 when he moved from Harare to Bulawayo and his wife quietly moved out of the house with their child. “I always suspected that there was more to it than just being former schoolmates,” said Wurayayi.

He stated that he busted his wife’s shenanigans after he took her cellphone and discovered steamy messages and nude pictures which the two – Maphala and Ntemanyanza – were exchanging.

“My suspicions were confirmed when I found WhatsApp messages and nude pictures which the two were exchanging. Before that I had also found condoms in her handbag and she lied to me that they belonged to one of her workmates (name supplied) who had borrowed her bag.

I then started checking out her phone and that is when I found out that she was in a relationship with Maphala.

When I called Maphala, he confirmed that he was in touch with her as they knew each other from high school but from the messages it was clear that they were madly in love.

“I also discovered that they have been going out together each time Maphala was having an out of town trip. After confronting her, she deserted me and I don’t know where she is staying now. What worries me is that Maphala is married and he also has children. I don’t know what to do,” said Wurayayi.

When contacted for comment Ntemanyanza who was initially rude, tersely said: “What does that have to do with you,” before she cut the call. When prodded to comment on the nature of her relationship with Maphala via a WhatsApp message she later responded saying:

“Yes, I have issues with Mike (Wurayayi) and we are currently staying apart as our matter is before our family elders. I am not involved with anyone hence moved back to my family where I am currently residing. I am not in any way involved with anyone so I wouldn’t want to drag anyone to my family disputes.

“And I would have appreciated to have my space as we have a child and I don’t want him to first hear of our dispute on any publication thank you.”

Maphala also rubbished Wurayayi’s claims that he was involved in a romantic relationship with his estranged wife.

“First of all, I don’t have a (romantic) relationship with Cleopatra. Their separation doesn’t concern me as I am a happily married man with children. There is nothing like that in my knowledge. If he has issues he should not drag me into them as I am a happily married man and why should I spend time chasing after other men’s wives,” said Maphala. B Metro


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