Thursday 6 October 2022


A manager at Grills Feed company which is situated in Kelvin West industrial area in Bulawayo was allegedly battered and stripped naked before he was robbed of his cash and his Honda Fit car after he was caught with his girlfriend in his car.

The incident happened on Friday last week at around 7pm.

Hebert Gorekore (47) stays in Pumula East suburb and on the day in question he visited his lover named Sikhangele Ndlovu in Nkulumane suburb and they sat in his car. While they were in the car two males confronted them and smashed a car window.

“They smashed the driver’s side window with a stone and instructed him to alight from the car as they threatened to kill him. As he opened the driver’s door his girlfriend bolted out of the car and fled leaving him at the mercy of the robbers,” a source said.

They ordered him to lie on the ground and to remove his clothes.

“He removed all of his clothes and remained naked. They kicked him and slapped him all over the body while questioning him about what he was doing with his lover in the car but he could not explain as they rained blows on him,” said the source.

He managed to free himself and had to dig deep and summoned his athletic abilities to survive the vicious attack.

“The robbers took his clothes and a wallet which contained US$2 and a national identity card and drove off in his car,” said the source. Hebert reported the incident to the police.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.  He warned members of the public against parking outside homes in the evening, pointing out that they risked being robbed and attacked.

Hebert begged this reporter not to write the story as he said it would tarnish his reputation and when he was pressed further for a comment he said: “There is nothing I can do. You can write whatever you want to write.” B Metro


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